Can I Put A Bigger Cassette On My Bike? [Explained!]

We all know that the cassette is a gear that allows the rider to change the speed of their bike. It’s typically found on the front or rear wheel of an MTB or road bike. The bigger cassette will allow you to put more gears on your bike.

A larger cassette could be an advantage because it would allow you to have more gears without having to increase the size of your bike or change the gearing. However, this would also mean you need a bigger chain and possibly wider tires.

This article will discuss whether can I put a bigger cassette on my bike and if you need to make some modifications to do this.

Are All Bike Cassettes The Same Size?

No, bike cassettes are not all the same size. There are many different sizes of a cassette, each of which has a specific purpose. The most common type of bicycle cassette is the 8-speed. This is because it is easy to find and buy and can be used on a wide variety of bicycles.

Can you change the cassette sizes?

Yes, you can change cassette sizes. The cassette size is not fixed and you can change it according to your preference. The cassette size can be changed by replacing the cassette with a different one.

What Is Considered A Bigger Cassette?

It all depends on the type of bike and the riding terrain. Generally, a big cassette in a bike ranges from 32-48 teeth. Big Cassettes are typically found on mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, and touring bikes.

For example, if you are riding a road bike, then the big cassette would be between 11-32 teeth. If you are riding a mountain bike, then it would be between 11-38 teeth.

Can I Put A Bigger Cassette On My Bike?

Yes, you can put a bigger cassette on your bike. The size of the cassette will determine how much gear you have and how quickly you can change gears without having to stop.

If you want to put a bigger cassette on your bike, then you need to make sure that the frame size and gearing remain the same. You also need to make sure that the crank length and chain length remain unchanged as well.

Are Bike Cassettes Interchangeable?

It is possible to interchange bike cassettes. SRAM and Shimano cassettes are both interchangeable to an extent. Though, SRAM cassettes generally have more gear options than Shimano ones. However, it is important to note that the type of cassette you are using will affect your speed and gear range.

Are MTB and road cassettes interchangeable?

Yes. They both use a similar size hub, and the only difference is that MTB cassettes have a much wider range of sprockets than road bike cassettes. The largest sprocket on an MTB cassette is typically a 34T while the largest sprocket on a road bike cassette is typically a 28T.

Can you put any cassettes on a bike?

Yes. You can put any cassette on a bike. You just need to make sure that the cassette you are putting on your bike is compatible with your bike. Some cassettes are compatible with certain bikes, while others are not. When you buy a new cassette, make sure to check if it will work for your bike or not.

Can I put an 11-speed cassette on my bike?

Yes. You can put an 11-speed cassette on your bike as long as the frame allows it. The 11-speed cassette can be installed on a bike with a 10-speed cassette without any problem.

However, the 11-speed cassette should not be mounted on a bike with an 8 or 9-speed cassette because there is not enough clearance, and it will cause damage to the chain and derailleur.

Do You Need A Longer Chain For A Bigger Cassette?

A longer chain is needed when you have a bigger cassette. The main concern with putting a bigger cassette on your bike is the chain tension. If the chain tension isn’t adjusted properly, it may cause damage to the gears and other parts of your bicycle.

To avoid any complications with putting in a bigger cassette, make sure to consult with someone who knows about bicycles before doing this upgrade.


Q. Can I put a bigger cassette on my mountain bike?

Yes, you can put a bigger cassette on your mountain bike. You can easily put a bigger cassette on your mountain bike by using a tool that allows you to do it at home.

Q. Can I put a bigger cassette on my road bike?

Yes, you can put a bigger cassette on your road bike. But it is important to know if you have the right frame and wheel size for the cassette.

Q. Can I put a different cassette on my bike?

You can put a different cassette on your bike, but it will not work well. It is important to know the difference between a cassette and the wheel size before you decide to change them.


Is it possible to put a bigger cassette on your bike, you should be careful. You need to make sure the new cassette will fit in the old one and if it doesn’t you may have to do some work with the chain or derailleur.

In this article, we have seen that while the cassette size is not a problem, the type of cassette is.

Doing a little research on your bike and its components before purchasing a new cassette will help you avoid this issue before it becomes an expensive problem.

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