Can You Put 27.5-Inch Wheels On A 26-Inch Frame Bike?

Can You Put 27.5-Inch Wheels On A 26-Inch Frame Bike? It is possible to put 27.5-inch wheels on a 26-inch frame bike, but it is not recommended. The 26-inch wheels are made for a smaller bike frame, thus mounting larger wheels on the frame can affect how the bike handles. This is the main explanation for this.

Additionally, the larger wheels will also make the bike heavier, which can make pedaling and riding uphill more difficult. Finally, the larger wheels may also rub against the frame, which can cause damage over time. If you really want to put 27.5-inch wheels on your 26-inch frame bike, you can do so by using adapters. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that this is not the ideal setup and that you may experience some problems as a result.

Can You Put Bigger Tires On A 26-Inch Bike?

Yes, you can put bigger tires on a 26-inch bike, but there are a few things you should know before you do.

1- Most 26-inch mountain bike tires are between 1.9 and 2.4 inches wide. So, if you want to put bigger tires on your 26-inch bike, you’ll have to find tires that are wider than 2.4 inches.

2- You need to make sure that the tires you choose fit your bike’s rims. Most 26-inch mountain bike rims are between 21 and 24 mm wide. Therefore, you will need to find tires that are made for rims that are at least 24 mm wide.

3- You have to take into account the terrain you will be riding on. If you plan to ride on trails with lots of rocks and roots, you’ll want to get tires that are designed for that type of terrain.

4- And finally, you need to decide if you want to keep your bike’s current suspension setup or if you want to upgrade to a suspension fork that is designed for larger tires.

If you’re not sure what size tires you need or what type of suspension fork you need, it’s best to talk to a bike store mechanic. They can help you determine what best suits your bike and riding style.

How Much Bigger Is A 27.5-Inch Wheel Than A 26-Inch Wheel?

The answer is that a 27.5-inch wheel is about 2 inches larger than a 26-inch wheel. This may not sound like much, but it can make a big difference when riding over rough terrain.

A 27.5-inch wheel will roll over obstacles more easily than a 26-inch wheel. This means you’ll find it easier to get over roots and rocks. You’ll also find that you have more traction on steep hills.

However, a 27.5-inch wheel is also heavier than a 26-inch wheel. This can make your bike harder to pedal, so you may want to consider a lighter 27.5-inch wheel if you’re looking for a fast bike.

In general, a 27.5-inch wheel is a good choice for most riders. If you’re looking for an easy ride, opt for a 26-inch wheel. If you’re looking for a faster ride, opt for a 27.5-inch wheel.

Requirements To Install 27.5 Wheels On a 26 Frame

If you want to install 27.5-inch wheels on a 26-inch frame, you will need to meet a few requirements. First, your frame must have suspension forks with at least 100mm of travel. This will ensure that the larger wheels have enough clearance. 

Next, you’ll need to make sure your brakes are compatible with the larger wheels. Many 26-inch brakes are not compatible with 27.5-inch wheels, so you may need to change the settings. 

Finally, you’ll need to check the width of your frame dropouts. Most 26-inch frames have dropouts that are too narrow for 27.5-inch wheels, so you’ll need to separate the dropouts or use adapters. 

Once you’ve met all these requirements, you’re ready to install your new 27.5-inch wheels on your 26-inch frame.

Pros And Cons Of Put 27.5-Inch Wheels On A 26-inch Bike

There’s no question that bigger wheels roll faster. They maintain speed better and carry momentum through rough terrain better than smaller wheels. So, it stands to reason that putting 27.5-inch wheels on a 26-inch bike would make it faster and more capable, right? Well, yes and no. 

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of putting 27.5-inch wheels on a 26-inch bike.

Pros of put 27.5-inch wheels on a 26-inch bike:

  • Bigger wheels roll faster and maintain speed better.
  • They carry momentum through rough terrain better.
  • They offer better traction and stability.

Cons of put 27.5-inch wheels on a 26-inch bike:

  • The bike will be taller and the rider will be higher off the ground.
  • The bike may feel less maneuverable.
  • The bike may be tougher to fit into tight spaces.

So, there you have it. The pros and cons of putting 27.5-inch wheels on a 26-inch bike. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. 

If you’re looking for a faster, more capable bike, 27.5-inch wheels may be the way to go. But if you value maneuverability and a low center of gravity, you may want to stick with 26-inch wheels.

Will A 27.5 Tire Fit A 26 Fork?

A 27.5″ bicycle tire will NOT fit on a 26″ bicycle fork. The two sizes are not compatible. A 27.5″ tire is significantly larger than a 26″ tire and will not fit on a 26″ fork. If you attempt to force a 27.5″ tire onto a 26″ fork, you will damage the fork and the tire.


In conclusion, you can put 27.5-inch wheels on a 26-inch frame bike, but you need to consider the effect of the larger wheels on the geometry of the bike and the compatibility of the components. 

Test ride the bike before you make any permanent changes, and choose the right tires and wheels for your bike.

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