Do Electric Bikes Have Trackers? (YES or NOT?)

This section will explore the topic of electric bikes and their trackers. It will also explore the use cases of trackers in the context of electric bikes.

A tracker is a device that tracks the location of the bicycle wheel while riding and provides information about the GPS coordinates of the bicycle.

But, do electric bikes have trackers? Yes, electric bikes do have trackers, but only newer models do. Unfortunately, the old models of electric bicycles do not have a GPS system, so they do not have any kind of tracking system. Unless you fit a tracker or use an app on your phone that will help you track your bike.

Can An Electric Bike Be Tracked?

Yes. An electric bike can be tracked by an electronic device that is attached to the rider’s body. It can also be tracked by a GPS device attached to the bicycle. But, this will depend on the type of electric bike you ride and if you are using one of these special tracking systems or not.

We need to understand how this technology works and what are its limitations before we can use it for our own benefit. We also need to think about how we can improve it as well as make it more user-friendly for the people who will use it.

Do Electric Bikes Have GPS Tracking?

In general, most electric bikes do not have GPS tracking, as only high-end electric bikes have GPS tracking. What this means is that you will need to purchase an additional unit separately to track your bike’s location and speed throughout the day.

The GPS tracking feature on electric bikes allows users to track their progress, speed, distance, and other key metrics. This is especially useful for long rides where you need to know how far you’ve traveled or how long it took to reach your destination.

The main advantage of GPS tracking is that it helps you get a better idea about the location of your bike, especially when commuting to work or riding long distances. This can be very useful for commuting, cycling, and even city riding.

GPS trackers For E-bike To Buy

The use of GPS trackers has become more and more popular in recent years. With the growing popularity of GPS trackers, many companies have started offering them as a way to keep their employees on track while they are out on a bike ride.

Here are the 7 best trackers for E-bike to buy:

  1. Boomerang Cyclotrac V2
  2. Spytec GPS GL300 GPS Tracker, 2-Pack
  3. Tracki 2022 Model 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker
  4. Tile Sticker
  5. Apple AirTag
  6. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker
  7. Invoxia GPS Tracker

Do Electric Bikes Get Stolen?

Yes, it is not possible to steal an electric bike from a bike rack or parking lot without being detected by a security camera or by a person who knows how to ride an electric bike. Therefore, it is important to make sure that one’s bicycle is secure and cannot be stolen.

A good way to secure it is to remove the battery from your electric bike or install a GPS tracker in a hidden place on the bike.

How often do electric bikes get stolen?

The frequency of electric bike thefts has been a problem for years. The number of electric bikes stolen in a given city is a good indicator of the level of theft. Typically it is estimated that for every 26 electric bikes purchased 1 is stolen each year.

There are many reasons why electric bikes are stolen. The most common reason is that they are not insured. If your electric bike has a GPS tracker and security system installed, you can use it as a security alarm when your bike is stolen.

Where To Hide GPS Trackers On An Electric Bike?

There are many situations where it is necessary to hide a GPS tracker from the public. It can be placed in the battery pack, which is located in the rear wheel. There are many options available to hide this tracker and protect it from thieves.

One of these options is to hide the GPS tracker in a small container or box, which makes it difficult for someone to see.


It is evident that electric bikes have trackers. They are able to detect your location and send you a notification when you are approaching the bike from behind. They also have a built-in GPS system.

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